Revolutionary Ideas were unveiled for the
8th Annual V2 Pitch Competition


“Shark Tank meets academia” at our Venture Vetting (V2) Pitch Competition, the largest campus-wide pitch competition at the University of San Diego where students have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a real group of angel investors for a chance to win real money to start their ventures.


The angel investors for the 2019 USD pitches include ANDREW LY, Founder/CEO of ticktBox, JEFFREY ADLER, CEO iProtean, MICHAEL KIMBALL, Tech Attorney, and NAVID ALIPOUR, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures.   Angel investors for the Latin American team pitches are VICTORIA LAKERS, Frank M&C and as a mentor and growth expert for SDSU Zip Launchpad, WOLF BIELAS, founder and managing partner of Wolfpack Ventures, LLC, RAMON TOLEDO, President and Founder of Busca Corp.

USD Track Finalists


DOUBLE TAKE – Your Film, Our Edits.

AWARDED:  $20,000


Background: “When I was a high school senior applying to Division I schools for soccer scholarships, I recognized the market vacuum. There continues to be an absence of companies offering quality video production for scholarship seeking collegiate bound athletes. As a goalkeeper who was just 6’1 in a setting where 6’4 was the minimum, I knew I would have to go above and beyond in reaching out to coaches. An absence of quality companies creates opportunities alongside demand.

Through teaching myself how to edit and by getting my name out there through video, I received official offers to Harvard, UCLA, University of San Diego, UC Davis, Sac State, and many others. I have replicated and improved this process through the creation of my company, Double Take Recruitment Videos, to help those athletes struggling to be seen, achieve their dreams.”


Double Take, launched in 2017, specializes in Professional, Coach Oriented Athletic Recruitment Videos. Your Film, Our Edits. Currently achieving a success rate of 82% of our athletes committing to their dream college program and 100% of our athletes receiving collegiate interest since sending out our video creation of them. First impressions matter, make yours stand out @




Background: People who work for Uber, Taskrabbit, Postmates, and other “gig economy” platforms are fed up with a lack of basic benefits such as minimum wage and health insurance. Gigglr is a first-of-its-kind gig economy business in which the employee comes first. Our machine learning algorithm takes into account weather, events, surge pricing, overlap opportunities, and other factors to find the most profitable gig opportunities. This optimization enables Gigglr employees to enjoy a livable salary and much needed health benefits.




Background: LifeBox aims to rebuild communities by providing safe, warm, and temporary housing in times of natural disasters. We aspire to provide a housing solution with the capability of rapid deployment and increased occupancy, so that our product is able to get to sites of natural disasters faster than competitors and to re-establish the communities affected.

Latin America Track Finalists


ALIQUAM – The Doctors Strategic Ally


Aliquam specializes in recovering medical fees from insurance companies. Founded by a medical doctor and hospital administrator, Aliquam was designed to let doctors be doctors, focus on their patients, have more time for themselves by not having to worry for any part of the administrative process that obtaining their fees entail.


All is as simple as using a mobile app to register the doctors everyday work and let Aliquam do the rest.


Aliquam is currently available in any state in Mexico, it’s a completely digital company with a foundation on the 5p’s principals (People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Profits)


Aliquam’s team members are all home office based allowing them to have a better work life balance and they strive to give their clients that same opportunity.

Currently they have 300 + clients and do 500 + transactions a month.




Background: We combined software, pedagogy, videogames and the publishing world to create Boki, an educational digital tool that improves the learning experience and returns the student’s enthusiasm for it. Boki can be understood as an educational tool, including fun, challenging activities and exercises which help children learn in a playful and interactive way.


SkyClope -the power of a new perspective.


Background: Skyclope is the aerial solution which is capable of offering a unique combination of aerial intelligence with artificial intelligence specialized algorithms.


We are focused on two key industries where the impact of delivering an end-to-end solution such as the one SkyClope is able to provide, is aimed at improving efficiencies, diminish risks and simplify complex processes.Those industries are Mining and Solar Farms.


For the first one, we are able to reduce at a fraction of time the process of drilling and blasting at the same time reducing the exposure of workers to the potential risks resulting of the execution of near shore task in the mine site.


For the second one, we are able to survey the current situation of solar panels, with the usage of high resolution thermal cameras, in order to early detect anomalies at cells.


In both cases, we are able to execute unique AI algorithms which accelerate the analysis, prediction and reporting of the information requested to key decision makers at both industries, in order to help them to be more efficient and successful on their daily responsibilities.


We are SkyClope, the power of a new perspective.


“Diving deep into my business taught me that I must think big, but step small to learn about the future and next step of business development. Presenting in front of real angel investors was not only the scariest experience I have had but also an uplifting experience to know how much I believe in myself and my work. The interviews were intense and informative, showing me what I know and what I need to find out about my business model. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experience and opportunity to grow my business.”

– Connor Hountalas



Entrepreneurship on the Rise



It all comes down to this.

A Thriving Entrepreneurship Culture


We are eager to see all the students compete at this year’s USD V2 Pitch Competition in hopes of winning up to $20,000 to turn their startup idea into reality.

The 8th Annual USD V2 Pitch Competition will take place on April 25 here at USD and will be open to all USD students and members of the San Diego startup community. It is guaranteed to be a showcase of some of the brightest and most innovative startups our university and Latin American partners have to offer. Our previous winners have launched startups that bridge together generations, reinvent products, make the world safer, increase access to health services, and more.


San Diego breeds innovation and the USD School of Business is proud to be a part of the San Diego startup ecosystem, offering numerous resources and opportunities for students and community members alike to foster their entrepreneurial endeavors.



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