Channel 8 News: V2 Competition 2019

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KFMB 4/25/2019

11:23:09 PM


V2 is our version of shark tank.

The university held the tape annual venture vetting competition. three teams of students competed for $20,000. they pitched startup ideas to a panel of local investors. they are in the top prize for their startup which creates custom videos for students hoping to earn athletic scholarships. carlo: san diego is fairly popular with millennials on the move. even if the vast majority of them can’t afford to buy a home here. according to the union tribune, research from the national association of realtors shows 67% of the people moving to san diego were millennials in 2017. that’s 13th of 100 million — metropolitan areas. only 2% of them could afford to buy a median priced home here. the number one city on the list is madison, wisconsin. barbara-lee: a little more affordable, i’m guessing. carlo: nice town. barbara-lee: we are getting a four-legged addition to our news 18. carlo: we will not show her to you yet. our adorable newsroom dog scoop will make her debut tomorrow morning at 6:00. we are fostering her for the rancho coastal humane society. you can follow it on facebook. she’s also on instagram and twitter. barbara-lee: barbara-lee: ioray not have posted a picture of her. carlo: a lot of people may have. she’s pretty and oracle — adorable. barbara-lee: round one of the nfl draft is over. kyle is up next to explain. carlo: …