The following videos and preparation materials provide a starting point to help you organize your ideas and prepare your Pitch Deck.

USD Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel

The best way to dive right in is to take a look at the USD Entrepreneurship You Tube Channel and see how the whole process works.  There are videos regarding the competion, how to prepare, pitfalls to avoid, and an assortment of great clips from the past years programs.

The Lawless Venture Model

The Lawless Venture Model (LVM) is simple checklist to assure entrepreneurs that they have covered the major issues to develop their new ventures.

It is most useful in the stage when entrepreneurs have an “Inspiration,” and they first start to figure out how to take it to market.

It highlights first things to think about, questions to answer, and issues to resolve.


Download the PDF:  The Lawless Venture Model

Building a Pitch Deck

Entrepreneurs need a quick way to convince others of the value of their new ventures. They want to create confidence and “buy-in.”

A Pitch is typically for investors, but could be for potential co-workers, strategic suppliers, customers, and others.

It is telling the key parts of the venture and team in a very concise and persuasive way. This guide helps new entrepreneurs to develop their way, their own “Pitch.”

Helpful Videos