Aliquam | 2019

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Aliquam |  2019

Presenter: Adrian Lopez Gomez


Aliquam: the doctors strategic ally


We specialize in recovering medical fees from insurance companies.


Founded by a medical doctor and hospital administrator; Aliquam was designed to let doctors be doctors, focus on their patients, have more time for themselves by not having to worry for any part of the administrative process that obtaining their fees entail.


All is as simple as using our mobile app to register the doctors everyday work and let Aliquam do the rest.


Aliquam is currently available in any state in Mexico, it’s a completely digital company with a foundation on the 5p’s principals (People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Profits)


Our team members are all home office based allowing them to have a better work life balance; so that they strive to give our clients that same opportunity.


We currently have 300 + clientes and do 500 + transactions a month.


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