SkyClope | 2019

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SkyClope |  2019

Presenter: Carlos Angulo del Pozo


Skyclope is the aerial solution which is capable of offering a unique combination of aerial intelligence with artificial intelligence specialized algorithms.


We are focused on two key industries where the impact of delivering an end-to-end solution such as the one SkyClope is able to provide, is aimed at improving efficiencies, diminish risks and simplify complex processes.


Those industries are Mining and Solar Farms.


For the first one, we are able to reduce at a fraction of time the process of drilling and blasting at the same time reducing the exposure of workers to the potential risks resulting of the execution of near shore task in the mine site.


For the second one, we are able to survey the current situation of solar panels, with the usage of high resolution thermal cameras, in order to early detect anomalies at cells.


In both cases, we are able to execute unique AI algorithms which accelerate the analysis, prediction and reporting of the information requested to key decision makers at both industries, in order to help them to be more efficient and succesful on their daily responsibilities.


We are SkyClope, the power of a new perspective.

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