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Andreas Roell


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Global entrepreneur and early stage investor in digital media, Internet and service sector.


As a former German professional soccer player turned serial tech entrepreneur, Andreas brings proven expertise for launching and scaling successful companies. While in undergraduate college, Andreas co-founded in 1997 the Internet’s first “portal” for active sports enthusiasts called PrimePlayer. The company became partners with major entities, such as WebMD and ESPN, and was acquired by Medical Broadcast Systems. In 2000, he founded Geary Group, a full -service digital marketing firm that he grew to be the largest independent digital agency for performance marketing in the country. Upon exit in 2012, he successfully launched the largest VOD platform for Arabic content. The company was acquired by Rotana Media. Over the course of his 17 years of experience as tech entrepreneur, Andreas has successfully started and invested in over eight multi-million dollar companies.







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February 02, 2017


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