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Jayla credits friends at Diesel and Burton for inspiring Bon Affair. As a product specialist for those global brands, happy hour was an essential job skill. Jayla loved it—until one trip to Hong Kong. After two weeks of toasting co-workers, she woke up at 5AM with a new vision. She wanted a lighter, everyday wine option that fit her professional, healthy lifestyle. The solution:  Wine spritzers. The effects were great—she felt lighter on her feet, hydrated, and better the next morning. The problem? Bar-made wine spritzers didn’t taste so great. So Jayla made it her mission. She quit her job to create a better, modern spritzer worthy of America’s awesome wine culture. Between MBA classes, she consulted beverage experts. The spritzers had to share her values—real wine, all-natural, zero added sugar. She added electrolytes (why not?). After four years, Bon Affair is fully realized—a red wine spritzer (Syrah) and white wine spritzer (Sauvignon Blanc) that meet our very scientific criteria based on the question: “Is it kind of awesome?”


Favorite Bon Affair: Sauvignon Blanc Wine Spritzer
Favorite wine: New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs for everyday or for red Armida’s 2010 Maple Vineyards Zin
Favorite food: Anything she picks from her garden and crispy duck wings.






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February 24, 2017


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