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Managing Partner | Analytics Ventures

Amanda Lettmann, a US Air Force Veteran, is an executive, entrepreneur, and Angel Investor with 20 years of global Business Operations and Transformation expertise with startups and Fortune 500 companies in the HiTech, InsurTech, and FinTech industries. As the CEO of Kardia Ventures, Amanda consults with tech enterprises and startups on digital business optimization.


Navid is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures, a Venture Formation Fund focused on starting new ventures with artificial intelligence and machine learning at their core.


Prior to co-founding Analytics Ventures, he founded La Costa Investment Group, making investments in startups nationally. Through the founding of multiple Artificial Intelligence(AI) based companies like CureMetrix and CureMatch, Navid is a long-time entrepreneur in the AI space, and looks to address the need between angel investors and big venture capital funds.


He has a passion for finding scientists and academics who are domain experts in their respective fields, and helping them turn their research into viable businesses, helping build companies from inception.


Navid serves on the Board of Tech San Diego helping build the thriving eco-system in San Diego. He is also on the Board of CureMetrix, AV Lab, Kazuhm, & AdTheos. Navid is a sought-after panelist, judge, speaker and moderator on the topics of venture capital and entrepreneurship at forums such as UCSD, USD, SDSU, CyberHive, HeraHub, MIT Forum,RSNA, U.S. News STEM Conference, and CONNECT. Navid holds a BA from UC San Diego, and a JD/MBA from the University of San Diego.


He has managed approximately $100 million at Fortune 500 financial services companies. Navid is also a Business Advisor at CONNECT and advisor to several startups, and part of the founding team at CureMetrix and SouthDoctors.


Navid holds a JD/MBA from the University of San Diego and a BA from UCSD.


Navid has been actively involved with the USD V2 Entrepreneurship Competition for years.


Watch V2 Videos with Navid Alipour here.

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February 02, 2015


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