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My passion for start-ups, business strategy & market analysis allows for impacting the launch, growth, and sustainability of businesses.

I am the CEO of Hera-Labs, a business accelerator for women-owned small businesses, co-founder of Hera Fund, an angel fund for female angels investing in female founders, and an angel investor in female-focused endeavors: Hera Hub, a spa-inspired co-working space for female entrepreneurs, The Sash Bag and Hera Therapeutics.

My primary focus is in on (1) empowering, nurturing, and launching women-owned businesses globally, (2) investing in socially relevant new ventures that will allow women to break through barriers in order to excel and for the next generation of women entrepreneurs to have excellent examples of success, and (3) help accelerate university discoveries through the commercialization pipeline.

Identifying the needs of an innovation ecosystem, understanding the challenges of female entrepreneurs, and eliciting my personal drive to empower women to reach their full potential, has allowed for me to assist in the development of a unique triangulation of forces: a female-focused business accelerator, Hera-Labs, supported by a spa-inspired co-working space, Hera Hub, and enriched by a women investment angel group, Hera Fund.

Prior to my current endeavors, I enjoyed being Director of the Teams in Engineering Service program at the Jacobs School of Engineering, an Instructor to over 200 students on social entrepreneurship, project management, and leadership, and a Commercialization Analyst at the von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement – UC San Diego.

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, am an advocate for special needs children focusing on ability awareness and advocacy for mitochondrial disease and childhood cancer. I enjoy traveling with my husband and I delight in beach days with my 3 children.


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February 02, 2015


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