V2 Competition FAQs

What is the V2 Pitch Competition?

V2 is the largest campus-wide pitch competition at USD. Students have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a group of actual angel investors for an opportunity to receive funding.

We offer mentorship and workshops all year to help entrepreneurs get ready to take their venture idea and make it into a reality. Four years ago we launched a bi-national track opening our competition to student entrepreneurs from Baja California. We work closely with our cross-border partners Universities and community partners. A year ago we continued to expand and launched a Latin America track working closely with ORT University Uruguay.

Who runs the V2 Pitch Competition?

The V2 Pitch Competition is housed under the USD School of Business and is campus-wide.

We work closely with the Engineering School, Law School, Kroc School of Peace and Justice, SOLES, the music department and the Center for Peace and Commerce. We believe that entrepreneurial mindset comes from all majors and minors. We also work closely with the San Diego startup community and have relationships with many mentors, coaches, and investors.

How do I enter?

Enter with an annotated 10 slide 7 minute Powerpoint or Prezie file Pitch Deck describing your venture and funding goals. Annotations should include speaking notes. Submit to: usdv2competition@gmail.com by the deadline April 4th .

What needs to be included in my pitch deck?

Use this guide: The Lawless Venture Model

And review How to Build a Pitch Deck

You can also reach out to our team for additional support, mentorship, and guidance:  Reginabernal-12@sandiego.edu

How much money is awarded?

$10,000 in cash and additional in prize support.

In addition to the cash award for the finalists, V2 Hot Prospects Awards are give to ten ventures that are outstanding and are not one of the final 3.  The Hot Prospects receive recognition and acknowledgment at the V2 Pitch Competition.

How does the competition work?

Three finalists are selected from all entrants by a selected group of angel investors. The competition is like an actual pitch and there is no 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. Instead, the investors decide how to distribute the funds.  One company could be awarded the entire fund or it could be distributed between the three. We have seen something different each year making it very exciting. It’s exactly like “real-world” funding opportunities.

What happens on V2 evening on April 26th 2018?

  • A panel of three actual Angel Investors evaluate the pitches on V2 night.
  • There are 2-Stages: Each finalist has a seven minute pitch with all three investors and a 10-minute one-on-one meeting with each investor.
  • The investors decide how much of the $20K to award to one or all of the finalists.

Who can compete?

USD track

  • Open to all USD students or teams of at least one USD student.
  • The student in the venture must play a significant role (not an intern or employee but rather a deciding voice in the venture).

Latin America track

  • Mexico-University partners and teams of at least one student
  • Uruguay- Partnership with ORT University


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